The Good Ship Pays-A-Lot

Queen Of PayrollThe B.C.’s comptroller general released a report on Friday which listed the salaries of B.C. Ferries executives and board members. It’s a doozy. Last July, ferries boss David Hahn received the astounding salary of $1,034,680! That’s over one million dollars for the head of a public/private company that’s really just an extension of our highway system. The B.C. Ferries part-time board chair makes $154,000 and part-time directors make up to $91,000 each. They must have answered one of those Make Big Money Part Time ads I guess.

So how do a bunch of trough-feeders get to call the shots when it comes to their own salaries? Here’s how…

The Liberals gave the B.C. Ferries board the authority to approve their own raises then this same board decided to increase their own salaries and approved it secretly without the pesky taxpayers being involved. In 2003 Campbell’s government turned B.C. Ferries into a quasi-private company which in turn shielded them from the Freedom Of Information act. The wise and wily government also created the B.C. Ferry Authority to oversee the newly created private ferry company. But the interesting thing is that the members of the B.C. Ferry authority appointed themselves to the board of B.C. Ferries and removed all doubt that they were planning a heist. And what a heist it was!

After the release of the comptroller-general’s report, red faced B.C. Ferries boss David Hahn justified his large salary based on the state of the ferries service before he was hired to fix it. “It was an unmitigated failure before [I was hired]” said Hahn. “Peope have to reflect on how bad it was. We were asked to fix it.” Yeah, but you were asked to fix it at a set salary. You were not asked to hike your salary to over a million dollars a year you a**hole!

Another interesting note in the B.C. comptroller-general report was that Translink was criticized for having too many executives. A grand total of 28 overpaid bureaucratic trough-feeders enjoy inflated salaries at taxpayers expense while pleading poverty every time a new initiative crosses their overpaid desks. Dale Parker, the Translink board chairman and spokeshole assures us that the authority had begun studying the problem before the comptroller-general was assigned to Translink. Well that makes me feel much better Dale ol’ pal. Now fire three quarters of the greedy Translink board members and then we can talk about the Evergreen Line.

I’m so sick of all the greedy bureaucrats that treat taxpayers like their personal piggy-banks. Fire the lot of them!

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