My New Top Ten Website

After much work, many hours of Photoshop, coding and general tweaks I’ve finally launched my newest web site I had the idea while creating the very same graphic layouts for The Province newspaper and, after witnessing the popularity of the image galleries, decided it might just work as a standalone website.

Some of the galleries I created for the newspaper shot to the top of the list of most-viewed content after only a few minutes. It seemed that anything remotely gory, sexy or odd deemed the most attention so I’ve tried to do the same on my own site while maintaining a certain level of respectability. Which is hard when you’re presenting the top ten largest breasts in the world or the top ten exotic dancers.

Another issue is the sensibilities of Google AdSense, the online advertising service that displays relevant ads within the pages of my site. Google doesn’t like naughty content beside its advertising and scans pages for bad words, removing its ads from pages it deems unsuitable. The strange thing is I’ve included the top ten most graphic Mexican cartel murder photos which seems to be just fine with the folks at Google AdSense. Show a picture of headless corpses but don’t dare show a naked breast.

But I digress.

Have a look at my site, send a link of anything you find interesting to your friends, post it on your Facebook wall or even tweet it to your hoards of followers. Getting a new website to show up on the Internet radar can be challenging so any help you could provide would be appreciated. And take a look at those huge boobs while you’re at it.

UPDATE: Alas, the top-ten website died a slow death with the help of Google and other irritants. Perhaps I’ll try it again another day but I probably won’t.

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