Suter Brook Parking Follies

Here’s the latest boneheaded parking job I’ve spotted at Suter Brook.

This person ‘parked’ their car in this spot for about 15 minutes which begs the question is “Why is there an inordinate amount of morons parking their cars at Suter Brook”? It looks like the driver only learned the first part of parallel parking and didn’t actually take the time to follow through with a complete parking job. I’m hoping that anyone that actually leaves their car like this for more than 30 seconds is automatically damned to eternal hell (or at least given a ticket).

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  1. Paul Knockinschlock   •  

    It’s interesting how these new developments with their unconventional architecture seem to invite innovation in social behaviour. It seems that when people drive in there they feel liberated from all the standard rules of the road. I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact that they are unlikely to receive a ticket. Can you imagine parking that way almost anywhere else and getting away with it? The closest similar situation would be Newport Village. Many people practice the same habits there, but not to the same degree. I wonder what the police would have to say about it? Maybe it’s legal in this place. If that’s the case, I might start doing it myself. After all, it’s a lot easier to just leave your car in the middle of the street than it is to park it, especially if all the spots are taken.

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