Dog poop

doggie-pooper-scooperI give up. What’s the sense of picking up your dog’s poop then throwing the bag containing the poop back on the ground, leaving it there for someone else to carry to the nearest garbage receptacle? Absolutely none!! I tend to pick up bits of garbage during my morning walk with Benjamin and have been coming across more and more plastic bags containing dog droppings. I’ve picked up a few and other look a bit too scary to attempt retrieval without the risk of contamination. Why should I be picking up my neighbour’s dog poop? Who do they think will pick it up? Well let me be the first to tell them that IT’S YOUR NEIGHBOURS THAT HAVE TO PICK IT UP!! You’re dropping garbage in our yards and we’re obligated to pick it up because you’re too damned lazy and inconsiderate to do it yourself. If it’s too much work to carry the bag to the nearest garbage can I suggest you give your dog to someone that cares enough to do what’s required as a considerate pet owner. God help the first person I catch dropping dog poop in my neighbourhood.

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  1. Pasta   •  

    I think I’ve figured out the reason behind this problem because it’s been ongoing. The bags are sold as biodegradeable so the fool thinks that it’s o.k. Common sense seems to be sadly, lacking!

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