The police car and the Ferrari

barnett_accident.jpgI was one of the lucky souls that was heading down the Barnett highway shortly after a Port Moody police vehicle collided with a minivan during a high speed pursuit. I took this photo with my camera phone as I crawled by the accident scene at 2.3km/hr but it doesn’t do the scene justice as there were car parts and long, black skid marks right through the intersection. The story is the Port Moody Police spotted a red Ferrari breaking the sound barrier as it jetted down the Barnett Highway and gave chase. There’s really no competition between a large, detroit-made blob of steel, rubber and flashing lights and a European road rocket. The police car hit some gravel on the shoulder, lost control and hit an oncoming minivan. Luckily there were no injuries but word is that the driver left the scene. Read a bit more about it HERE.

Click the image for a larger view then click again to close.

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    I call BS on the ‘gravel’. That’s a standard CYA comment. I’m sure the officer was driving the vehicle far beyond it’s limitations. You can’t out run the radio.

    This doesn’t surprise me given the attitudes of the PoMo PoPo and I respect almost all Police agencies.

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