Am I just getting old?

I usually drive in to work with my spouse (she needs her car for work, I don’t) and take the train home at the end of the day. Yesterday I took my car in and parked it in a downtown parkade directly below my office building. At the end of the work day I made my way to the train, enjoyed the usual trip home to Port Moody, walked up the hill to my home and noticed my car was missing from my driveway. Crazy Old Man Guess where it was. Right…in the parkade downtown. I turned around, took the bus to the train station (which doesn’t run into town in the afternoon), walked up to St. Johns, took the bus back into town and finally retrieved my car at 8pm. For those that may consider doing the same thing you should note that the parking rate jumps significantly after 6pm and totaled $25 for the day, to say nothing of the bus fare back to town and my takeout dinner (who wants to cook and eat dinner at 8:45pm?). Total commute time for March 5, 2009: 4 hours, 45 minutes.

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