Island bound with your help

Erik RolfsenErik Rolfsen is vying for a chance to inhabit Hamilton Island, located off Australia’s great barrier reef and you can help him achieve his goal. Over 34,000 people from around the world submitted video entries to an Australian travel promoter for a chance to win The Best Job In The World which includes a $124,000 contract, 3 bedroom villa, pool, spa and golf cart to meander around the island. Not bad work if you can find it.
You can help Erik by voting for him on the the official web site.
I’ve worked with Erik on a few projects and can attest that he’s a good guy, intelligent, armed with a dry wit and would be an excellent candidate to represent Canada and, more importantly, Greater Vancouver in this global contest. Check out his video entry and help send a local lad to a cool Australian island by voting for Erik.
You can listen to Erik discuss the contest on the podcasts page.

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