The Real Test

Heart and CrossLove is a mysterious and elusive emotion and one of the hardest things to clearly define and identify. How do we know when we’re in love or loved by someone else? How do we find out if our chosen partner truly loves us? It’s Easy. Have an operation.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently had a prostatectomy and have been at home and incapacitated for the past 6 days. I can’t walk the dog, I can’t cook meals, I can’t clean the house or yard. Simply put, I can’t do anything so I’m dependent on my spouse to do most of these things for me until I’ve recuperated. I bear a certain amount of guilt as she goes to work every morning after walking our dog and even leaves a bowl of pre-measured oatmeal in a bowl for my breakfast (two measures of water and 3 minutes in the microwave and I’m done) and checks in on me to ensure I’m comfortable and have everything I need before she leaves.

Returning at the end of her frantic work day she again walks our dog then prepares dinner while offering me cups of tea, water, pillows or help getting up or down. She does this without complaint, without moaning about the work load, without running out of the house screaming at the top of her lungs. No, she’s silent and extremely helpful to me while I heal. To say nothing about my visually appealing catheter or the nasty, pink 8-9″ incision on my abdomen peppered with metal staples. None of this is particularly palatable but she takes it all in stride.

So if you’re trying to establish if you or your partner are in love I suggest you undergo a prostatectomy. Only when you’re down, hurt, scared and need help will you know if your partner truly loves you. Mine does.


  1. Laura Hoorweg   â€¢  

    Awwww this is so sweet…even Bennie is tearing up 🙂

    Take care big guy. We all miss you and want you back to your old self really soon.

    The BBFD is a mighty little munchkin! She rocks 🙂

    Take care both of you,

    Laura & Tim

  2. bainsy   â€¢  

    adam: that sounds very painful. I had two days at home this week with stomach flu and I got sick of sitting on the couch watching the endless amount of commercials on every channel…. so I can’t imagine what it’s been like for you. Sorry you’re going through this. Sending you hugs, miss your funny self here at work…

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