Bible Bully

Asshole of the WeekIf I was interested in dinosaurs and had a club that tried to convince other people to be interested in dinosaurs, I’d want to spread the word about dinosaurs, right? Right. So I would approach the local elementary school and ask them to allow me to spread the word about dinosaurs in their school every noon hour of every school day by offering dorky dinosaur club meetings. But if the school wasn’t interested in my dorky club and refused to allow me to run my dorky dinosaur club meetings would I be upset and start screaming about my rights? Probably not. If they’re not interested, they’re not interested and I’ll find another place to spread the word about dinosaurs. Most people have the intelligence to know that not everyone may be interested in dinosaurs and it’s the school’s right to deny my request to blather about dinosaurs to elementary school children, especially if the student’s parents choose to teach their children about dinosaurs themselves.

But what if my club wasn’t about dinosaurs? What if it was about religion? What if I wanted to hold bible studies at an elementary school every noon-hour and the school refused my request? Well, if you’re Paul Jubenvill, you go running to the media, complaining about your rights and attempt to force the school to allow him to hold bible studies every noon-hour. If it’s about religion it always makes sense, right?

Yes, Surrey parent Jubenvill feels slighted and has appealed to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to force the school to allow him to hold his God club meetings at the school against the wishes of parents and faculty. Why? Because it’s religion, silly. If any religious nut decides he wants to spread ‘the word‘ and attempt to indoctrinate small children before they have a chance to make decisions based on their own wants and needs, well it’s his right. Right? Well actually that’s a big negatory Jesus-Boy.

Paul JubenvillMr. Jubenvill states that his freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Canadian Human Rights Act. That’s correct and that’s one point for our lovable nutter. However the School Act states that church and school are to be kept separate and leave the responsibility of religious teachings to parents. So what gives Mr. Jubenvill the right to demand that the school accommodate his request and allow him to set up his God club in Colebrook Elementary School? Nothing but if it’s about the Lord then anything goes and he’s got the big guy on his side. Whoop-de-doo.

It’s interesting that our pius propagandist doesn’t have his own seven and nine year old children in Christian school because his ex-wife objects. Does this guy sound suspiciously like one of those ‘found the Lord after marriage due to some life event’ (drugs, alcohol, near-death experience etc) wanker religious zealots? Maybe just a bit.

So now he’s trying to push his religious beliefs on school children and demand that he be heard by one and all. Well Mr. Jubenvill, life in Canada doesn’t work that way. Perhaps Iran may be better suited to your needs although I don’t think they’re very keen on that Christianity thing. But feel free to drop me a note if you need any help packing, and congrats on winning the Rants and Observations AOTW award.

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    As an athiest, I’m concerned about Intelligent Design counterintelligence and Watchmaker anological trash.

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