Los Angeles hears our secrets

Los Angeles, California is officially aware of some of Vancouver’s problems thanks to the John and Ken radio talk show on KFI AM 640 radio. The talk show hosts discussed Vancouver’s recent allocation of taxpayer money to bail out the Olympic Village project and also commented on the disgraceful poverty, drug and crime ridden Vancouver East End. Our problems are becoming glaringly apparent as the bright light of global media is shone in every corner and on every issue of the city.

Perhaps this might motivate our elected representatives to actually do something about the poverty, drugs and crime that make the East End a destination for the destitute and mentally ill. Perhaps some of the over three million dollars recently spent on Olympic tickets by our Government might have been better spent on our city’s have-nots rather than wining and dining the haves. And perhaps some of that BILLION dollars taxpayers were forced to spend on the Olympic village might have had an impact on the situation, don’t you think?

Listen to John and Ken discuss our city by clicking the play button below.

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