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So you’ve bought a shiny new Kindle and you’re wondering how you’ll ever afford to fill it up. Fear not, Calibre is the answer to your needs.

This free utility can provide you with almost everything you’ll need to manage and fill your Kindle with hours of reading materials. You could always depend on Amazon.com to fulfill your reading needs but I’ve found out quite quickly that it adds up! It’s just too easy to browse and buy books from the Amazon Store using the free Whispernet wireless connection and not really realize how much you may be racking up until your credit card bill is delivered to your door in a large box. So my first instinct was to figure out how to find quality reading material without paying the proverbial arm and leg. Calibre is a large part of the answer.

My searches for free books compatible with the Kindle turned up little or nothing (unless I was interested in American conspiracy theories, crop circles or how and when Jesus will be turning up on my doorstep) but I continued until I discovered the amazing Calibre eBook application. It’s free and it works like a dream.

I did, however, find a number of download sites for books such as Manybooks.net (or even a few other sites) but most were available in the wrong format for my Kindle (.mobi files are what does the trick). These sites would prove to be quite handy after downloading and installing Calibre as it can convert HTML, PDF, EPUB, TXT, RTF and many other files to the required format and even includes images for your reading pleasure. The application helps manage the files on your Kindle and allows you to edit the metadata which is quite handy when your library starts to grow and you become dependent on searching to find what you’re looking for.

Calibre will even download news from select sources on the Internet, automatically convert the data and upload it to your Kindle. A scheduling feature will automatically download chosen news sources and send the data to your Kindle for reading on the bus, train, toilet or wherever you do most of your reading. Easy, fast and FREE. Ya gotta love Calibre!

I’ve only mentioned a few of it’s amazing features but you can watch the video below for a good overview of the application. Visit the web site for more information and to download and install your own copy of Calibre.

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