The P2K Party

Way back in 1999 my neighbours, Lisa and Trent, collected about 20 of their friends together on New Years eve and created their own time capsule with the understanding that all would assemble a decade later to open and discuss the contents. The 10 year anniversary arrived on New Years eve and the unveiling took place at their home, the location of the original party a decade earlier. Unfortunately all of the original participants couldn’t attend the unveiling due a variety of reasons but six of the original members and their children showed up to open the time capsule.

The original participants, most from Trent’s hme town of Smithers, B.C., were asked to contribute items of their choice and also answer 10 questions, their answers to be included in the time capsule and read ten years later. The questions posed to the group in 1999 were:

  • Describe an original conspiracy theory that will surface in the next 10 years.
  • What clothing will be in-fashion in 2009?
  • Who will be the richest person in the world in 2009?
  • What kind of music will we listen to in 2009?
  • Which of the couples at the party will have the most children in 2009?
  • Where will we be celabrating the 2009 New Years party?
  • What will be the largest global problem in 2009?
  • What will be the population of Smithers in 2009?
  • Who will win the 2009 season SuperBowl?
  • Who will we say has changed the most since 1999?

The opened box contained a number of items including a brightly coloured shirt, Pokemon cards, a stuffed New Years toy (pictured above), a rubber wrestling action figure, stamps, magazines, newspapers and a variety of other memories all of which were important and meaningful to someone in 1999. One of the participants purchased a single Microsoft stock that would be awarded a decade later to the person with the highest number of correct answers to the 10 questions.

They’re now discussing a plan to bring the original participants together later in the year to review the contents and award the Microsoft stock, and perhaps create a new time capsule to be opened in 2020.

You can listen to Lisa and Trent read answers to some of the 10 questions and discuss the contents of their time capsule by clicking the play button below.

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