The Work-Free Zone

Baby BlocksOnly our government would even consider creating something for civil servants called a Work Free Zone and spending $138,000 to create it. The wonderful Ministry of Environment created a playroom for employees in Victoria complete with foosball, pool tables, surround sound system and video games displayed on a 50-inch plasma TV. Nice, huh? Too bad they’re spending OUR frickin money to build and maintain it! It’s costing us $45,000 to renovate the space, $85,000 a year to rent the space, $5,000 a year for utilites and $3,100 a year for leased equipment in an adjoining yoga studio for a total of more than $138,000 for this year alone.

Is this really a good return on our tax dollars? Is this spending necessary during these lean times of increased taxes and fewer jobs? Do any of us other than a tiny majority enjoy these kind of perks at our workplace? Probably not. And I’m disgusted that they have the balls to spend our money then flaunt it without any repercussions. Environment Minister referred to it by saying “I understand the optics, but the choice was to have the space used or not used.” How about a room to store boxes Barry? Does that sound like it might make more sense that installing a fricking leisure palace at the expense of taypayers? Good God, some of these guys are complete morons.


  1. bob snubwhine   •  

    These sorts of fascilities are usually associated with workplaces where people put in long, unstructured hours. There may not be a clear distinction between work and play, places like design companies.
    I doubt that this kind of environment exists in a government workplace. I am sure there is a very clear distinction between work and breaks.
    With all the public money spent on public recreational fascilities such as communtity centres why would they need this in a government work place in a major city?

  2. Government worker   •  

    I think it’s a great idea they should have more of these but they left one thing out, there should be a bar in there

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