Worse than H1N1

BCLC HypoOur Liberal government is turning into a worse virus than the dreaded Swine Flu. The latest move by these infectious morons, specifically gaming minister Rich Coleman, is to increase the B.C. Lottery online gaming limit from $120 per week to a whopping $10,000 under the guise of saving the great unwashed from the evil clutches of those skanky ‘offshore’ gaming sites. That’s a 8,300 per cent increase in the amount of money that morons can blow on the Internet. Way to go Mr. Coleman et al. It’s obviously another blatant cash grab by our greedy and brainless elected representatives to shore up their leaking coffers and increase the gambling revenue stream to which they themselves have become addicted. The interesting thing about the exercise is that the B.C. Lottery online card game is effectively FIXED. Yes, that’s right. You have little chance of winning anything as the games are predetermined so you don’t have a hope in hell of ever winning anything…ever.
According to B.C. Lotteries spokeswoman Susan Dolinski “The outcome is predetermined at the outset of each game”. The cards are not dealt at random and there’s no real game of luck being played at all so why bother pumping money into a losing proposition? They define their lame and laughable effort as “A lottery game with a poker theme”. Tell that to the gambling addicted saps who plunk down up to $10,000 per month in the hopes of actually winning something.
I don’t agree with the new age sensibility of saving everyone from themselves and believe that if you’re stupid enough to gamble then you’re the only one responsible for losing your shirt, but let’s try to make it fair shall we? This is no different than stacking the deck or counting the cards. The only difference is that it’s our own government that’s ripping us off so somehow that makes it all OK, right? I don’t think so.

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