Treating us like babies

Canadian BabyAs we tut-tut the recent events in Iran we should look within our own government and wonder if some of the ridiculous things they do are similar to events here in Canada. Though we obviously can’t compare the religious zealots heading the Iranian government to our own Conservatives, their recent policy shift regarding public accounting of our involvement in the Afghanistan war smacks of treating Canadian taxpayers like babies. It’s another case of not telling the very people that pay the bills how the money is being spent. The Federal New Democratic party requested the information but the Defence Department cited a national-security exemption and refused to release the numbers as they had done previously. How in hell can the very government we employ refuse to tell US, the people that pay the bills, how much they’re spending on our useless involvement in a middle east fiasco they call a war? I don’t agree with our participation in Afghanistan and it makes me mad as hell when they refuse to tell me how much money they’re spending. And to make matters worse the Conservative military censors cited Section 15 of the act which they claim justifies the withholding of the figures for the next three fiscal years due to ‘national security’. What a pile of crap! They’re afraid that taxpayers will have a fit when the spending surpasses the $1 billion mark and the public outcry will force them to withdraw our troops or, failing that, lose their cushy government jobs after the next election. It makes me want to poop my diapers.

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