Tax Pirates

Olympic PirateIn our modern world there are still Pirates that pillage from innocent victims, using their ill-gotten gains for nefarious and questionable deeds. I’m not talking about Somalian warlords plucking hapless victims from boats and demanding huge ransoms. I’m talking about our provincial government and their practice of pirating funds and keeping the lowly taxpayer in the dark when it comes to the 2010 Winter Olympic. These guys are the worst.

Last Wednesday the NDP secured a letter from VANOC sent to the provincial government pleading for more cash. Here’s what it said:
“Re: Ceremony, Torch Relay and other funding. I am writing to request funding for the 2010 Opening Ceremonies and other projects. These are areas where we believe that additional funds would create further mutually beneficial outcomes as outlined in the attached plans.”

Two things were omitted from the NDP’s copy. The amount of requested funds had been the victim of government censors and the ‘attached plans’ were not attached. How surprising.

When the NDP originally requested the correspondence under the Freedom Of Information Act they were told “there were no records responsive to your request.” More surprises. The NDP lodged an appeal with independent FOI commissioner David Loukidelis. The Government magically located the letter requesting funds for the hallowed Olympics and released the censored copy.

Why were the documents censored? That’s simple. To hide the ridiculous Olympic spending from taxpayers or, as Olympics Minister Mary McNeil explains, the information could have “compromised VANOC’s negotiations with various commercial enterprises.” Yeah, sure Mary. She promises that all spending will be revealed one the nightmare is over and we can venture outside again. “There will be a full accounting of every cost at the end of the Olympics.” she said.

I predict that there will be the usual amount of hand-wringing, sweaty-brows and lies when it’s time to come clean. I also predict that taxpayers will be paying for the Winter Olympics for many, many years to come. Arrrrggghhh matey! Feeling robbed yet?

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