Evil Translink

Dr Evil TranslinkToday’s Province newspaper has an interesting article about our covert Translink Board and its inner workings. Ethan Baron writes that the 9 member board received nearly $575,000 in pay and benefits in 2008-2009. Remember, this is the same board that continually pleads poverty and comes up with new and exciting ways to extract as much money from the pockets of taxpayers as it possibly can. How can this appointed board increase property taxes, increase gasoline taxes and increase transit fare rates by 10% over ten years without answering to the public? The board committed to part of the province’s $14-billion transit plan, for a total of $300 million more of your tax dollars. And all this from a group that meets behind closed doors and seems to be unanswerable to the public that pay their self-inflated salaries. Omerta within our government. Keep in mind that some of these clowns sit on numerous boards and draw multiple salaries. A nice gig if you can get it. My question is “How the hell can we let this crap go on??”. Are we so passive and non-reactionary that a group of bureaucratic windbags can extract hard earned money from our pockets without consulting us? Yup, we obviously are.

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