Conversation with Mayor Trasolini

Joe TrasoliniJoe Trasolini discusses the Evergreen Line, crime and life in Port Moody on the podcast page. We had the conversation in his office at City Hall and I have to say that he seems like a good guy that really cares about Port Moody. He set his phone to ‘vibrate’ at the start of our conversation but it was ringing constantly and you can hear it buzzing in the background during the podcast. A busy guy with a lot to say and it’s worth a listen.

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  1. Francis Lemieux   •  

    Great interview! I was very impressed with many of the things the mayor had to say around the issues of development and sustainability. I am impressed that he is working to be as informed as he can on these issues. I particularly liked the things he had to say about the Ioco lands, specifically the need to create a living / working community rather than a bedroom community.

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