Beautiful Bill

Bill Vander ZalmHe’s back in the spotlight and enjoying the support of a majority of B.C. taxpayers. Yes, Bill Vander Zalm is shining pretty these days as he rallies his troops to fight the dastardly HST. Who would have thought that the man of questionable business ethics, a documented distaste for the media (remember the ‘fly’ editorial cartoon lawsuit?) and a guy that would promise cheap beer or anything else to get elected, would have the love of British Columbia taxpayers washing over his expensive suit in 2009? He’s a new guy and he’s on a mission.

I should mention that I always thought Mr. Vander Zalm was a bit of a weenie but enjoyed his encounter with demonstrating deadbeats and his over-the-top challenge for them to do some real work by grabbing a shovel and earning some money for a change. We all remember how that worked out, don’t we? God, I loved that. Well now I’m firmly behind our ex-premier and support his fight, even if it may have more to do with Bill than the lowly taxpayer. I have this nagging thought that there has to be something in this for Bill such as a good way to sell books, a personal tax saving or just to get his mug back on TV. Who knows but he’s doing a fine job.

He’s begged Campbell’s MLA’s to rise up and fight the tax and has even appealed to Federal MP’s, all to no avail. The Bloc Quebecois, with whom he has had his share of altercations, have also refused to help. His letter to Gov. General Michaelle Jean (when will she go away?) was summarily ignored. So he’s taking his fight to the Senate, and after that he’ll visit the Supreme Court of Canada where he believes he will finally slay the evil dragon.

Vander Zalm is in the midst of raising funds (I thought he was rich. Wussup with that?) to continue his fight and hopes to increase the visibility of his efforts in an attempt to use the province’s Recall and Initiative Act to force a referendum. It doesn’t look especially good for our caped crusader but here’s hoping he can finally do something we actually like. Go get ’em Bill!

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