When Albinos Attack

Photograph by: Les Bazso , THE PROVINCE

Our politically correct world has gone off the cliff with the recent decision by Earls Restaurant to remove their Albino Rhino products because two (!) persons afflicted with albinism have complained to the human rights tribunal. That’s right, TWO fucking people complained and that was enough to scare Earls into removing any reference to Albino from their menu. Because TWO fucking people complained.

What the hell is going on out there? Peanut allergy mania, comfort pets on planes, minorities screaming racism at the drop of a hat, perfume bans in offices, smokers relegated to back alleys. And the list goes on and on. We’re all so damn delicate now, with individual feelings and sensitivities taking precedence over the majority and forcing us to think, look and feel as if we’re guilty of something but not quite sure what it is. We have to over-react to every complaint and take every whining, complaining, snivelling little whiner so terribly serious when they suffer a personal indignity. Such as a restaurant using the word Albino in its products.

Albino is not an insult. Naming something albino, especially when preceded with the word Rhino, is not an insult and affects no one. Other than the aforementioned complaining, snivelling little miscreant of course.

I’m so damn disappointed that Earls Restaurant buckled under the pressure from these two pissants and did the corporate ‘right thing’ by being pushed around by those that see red when everyone else sees blue. Why must we, as a society, take every tiny, itsy-bitsy personal affront and change the way the rest of us live, feel, speak, drink, laugh, argue, respond and react to life’s little nuances. Those insignificant little things all add up and make life what it is. Interesting.

Pandering to meaningless, irresponsible and irrational complaints from two people that have little else to complain about is at best, silly and, at worst, dangerous. These incidents, although irrelevant to the majority, all contribute to the degradation of our lives by removing all of the colour and leaving nothing but greys.

31-year-old Nigerian immigrant Ikponwosa Ero, one of the two complainants, has done one thing as a result of her whining. It’s made me question how our immigration policies would allow someone to live in our country, call it their own and then systematically dismantle what makes it great. Diversity, rational thinking and a sense of humour are some of the traits that make Canada one of the most respected countries and people in the world. And it may well lead to our demise if these politically correct a-holes have anything to do with it.

A few tweets on the subject:

@planetjanetyyc: I’m thinking of launching a human rights complaint against all the beers with blonde in their name.

@fejoknom: PC goes mad in Vancouver. Earls dumps Albino Rhino beer. Next to go: ‘Asian’ noodles, ‘short’bread cookies

@edifonzo: Greasy thugs win. Earls drops Albino Rhino beer

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  1. Janis Wiebe   •  

    Great article. Reminds me of the saying “Some of my best friends are albinos”. Many of us have been dealt a harsh blow – SUCK IT UP!!!

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