Happy Birthday Lilian Louise

Today is the birthday of Lilian (Anne) Louise Barker. My lovely mum passed away at the young age of 46 in early 1975 and today, June 11, 2010 would have been her 81st birthday. I was just a kid when she left us after a long battle with cancer but I remember her laugh, her grace and unending patience with her four children.

In amongst my treasured childhood possessions I have a few slips of paper that mum occasionally slipped under my pillow while I slept. One note, left the night before my brother and I headed to the local aquatic centre for swimming lessons, requested that I “have a nice swim ~ and one for me”. The same message stated “You’re snoring!!” in large letters at the bottom of the paper which was obviously her observation while planting the message under my pillow. Mum knew I loved to find her various scribblings tucked under my pillow in the morning and, even as a child, appreciated the love contained within each. I read a few of her notes today and they never fail to bring a tear to my eye and make me appreciate how special she was.

Lilian Louise was a great mum, good friend to those that knew her and a wonderful woman. I’ve missed her since she left us all in 1975 and think about her every day of my life. Happy 81st birthday Mum. I only wish you were around to celebrate it with us.


  1. Bother "Mark"   •  

    Very well put Ad. I am sure Mum will have a read at some point and appreciate the thoughts.
    – Mark

  2. Brett   •  

    Nice words Addy!
    Mum will love them…

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