Two Recommendations

I’m not big into recommending stuff to people I don’t know but I thought some of you may enjoy these two completely unrelated visual and gastronomical items:

RECOMMENDATION #1: If you enjoy quirky and inventive movies I sugest you see Kick-Ass. Yes, I know…it sounds like another dopey teen superhero flick and you’re partially right. It starts out with the typical socially inept, Peter Parker-type main character that morphes into the film’s superhero but it becomes uncharacteristically dark about 30 minutes in. Once you’ve heard an 11-year old girl use the ‘C’ word, all bets are off. Obviously, this isn’t family or first date fare but it’s a refreshing take on the typical Spider Man, Superman and other processed superhero pablum we’ve all become familiar with. And McLovin is in it so what’s there to lose?

RECOMMENDATION #2: Japanese Ramen chefs are born not created. But just to be sure, top purveyors of this relatively cheap but delicious soup undergo years of training to perfect the perfect bowl of broth, meat and vegetables. In fact the late Brittany Murphy starred in The Ramen Girl which told the story of a young girl who undergoes the training to become a top Ramen chef. If Hollywood makes a movie about it then it’s gotta be something worth trying, right?

Forget those nasty little packages of dried noodles and powdered flavouring available at the local supermarket and visit Peter Shin of Takano Japanese Noodle Cafe, one of those accomplished and highly trained Ramen chefs. And believe me, his soups are to die for. His soups are full of fresh ingredients, contain no MSG and very little salt and are an overall healthy choice for meat and non-meat eaters alike. The nondescript little restaurant at 103-3242 Westwood Street in Port Coquitlam produces the best Ramen noodles and broth you will find and most are relatively cheap. The restaurant is relatively modest and the decor has much to be desired but the hospitality and graciousness of Peter and his wife, not to mention his amazing soups, more than make up for it. Do yourself a favour and drop by for lunch or dinner. It brings a whole new meaning to the word tasty.

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  1. Josee B   •  

    Tasty beyond belief and amazingly great value. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed and good on ya for supporting the ‘little guy’.

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