Resident Evils

It’s no secret that here’s no shortage of scumbags in the lower mainland but the numbers seem to be growing as our useless legal system does little or nothing to slow their reign of terror. Here’s a few of the most recent pieces of garbage to grace the pages of our local newspapers:

On July 5, 2005 16-year-old Matthew Martins made the mistake of walking by Katherine Quinn’s house. Quinn, a 23-year-old greasy-haired, bottom-feeding mother of three decided to jump Matthew and take his necklace. Matthew had other ideas and used a penknife to defend himself and stab Quinn.

Matthew was chased to the Surrey Central SkyTrain station and Quinn’s low-life boyfriend, 28-year-old Robert Forslund, beat him to death with Quinn instructing him to kill Matthew for what he had done to her. No mention there of what she had done to Matthew however and Forslund threw Matthew into a Plesiglass window, kicked him and stomped on his head, leaving him to die in the SkyTrain station.

Forslund and Quinn were charged with second-degree murder and both were convicted in April 2007. Forslund, thankfully, was sentenced to a life sentence with no parole for 17 years. Quinn, a pathetic excuse for a mother and human being, appealed her sentence and the B.C. Court of Appeal, in its infinite wisdom, overturned her conviction and let the piece of garbage back on to the streets.

Quinn was interviewed by The Province newspaper and was is typically remorseful and apologetic. “If I had one wish, Matthew would be on this earth…That’s it. I wish [his family] didn’t have to go through this.” she lamented. If I had one wish it would be that Canada still offered capital punishment and executed pieces of garbage like Quinn and Forslund.

On May 17, 2008 Carol Berner had an unspecified number of drinks before driving her car at 91 km/hr, swerving and hitting a parked car and a number of pedestrians. Berner killed 4-year-old Alexa Middelaer and seriously injured her aunt Daphne Johanson.

The RCMP initiated a sting operation to glean any evidence about Berner’s state of inebriation that fateful day, recruiting two officers to act as boyfriend/girlfriend and befriend Berner at a local pub. This evidence is now being revealed in court as Berner denies responsibility for the death of an innocent 4-year-old and major injuries to her aunt. Berner was reported as being more concerned with the location of her new, stylish eye-wear and remorse at missing her dinner date that evening than the state of the families she had impacted by her disgusting behaviour and disregard for anyone but herself.

Typically, her defence maintains Berner’s rights had been violated and police evidence should be excluded from her impared driving trial. Berner has yet to apologize to the parents of Alexa or Daphne Johanson or show any concern for anyone but herself. I suggest she suck it up and take responsibility for Alexa’s death, the pain and suffering she has caused the families caught in the midst of her stupidity and receive the punishment she so richly deserves.

According to a Surrey pre-trial centre judge, Jamie Bacon is being mistreated in jail and his rights have been violated. As taxpayers pay the tab for Bacon’s court costs, Justice Mark McEwan ruled that the Surrey Pre-Trial Centre was “in breach of Section 7 of the Charter by creating circumstances and maintaining the petitioner in circumstances that mainfestly threaten the security of his person.”

This ruling doesn’t mention that Bacon and his gang, the Red Scorpions, are responsible for significantly more misery and pain than the Surrey Pre-Trial Centre could ever exact but that doesn’t matter, right. We need to protect Mr. Bacon’s rights and ensure he gets the best care and attention befitting his lofty position within our society. Or we could just throw him in solitary confinement for the rest of his life and call it a day.

Charles Kembo personifies the word douchebag. There are just not enough words to describe the level of douchebag this idiot has attained as he languishes in prison serving his sentence for multiple murders and complaining about his conviction. I hereby offer my services to Corrections Canada as their official Executioner For A Day and promise to put Mr. Kembo high on my list of the day’s duties and ensure he will never walk the streets again. Some Canadians consider capital punishment primitive and distasteful but why should be pay for people like Kembo and doesn’t he really deserve it?

Kembo was convicted and sentenced to life in jail for the murder of:

  • His wife, Margaret Kembo, 44, who disappeared sometime around October 2002
  • His ‘friend’ Arden Bernard Samuel, 38, killed in October 2003
  • His step-daughter Rita Yeung, 21, slain days before Kembo’s arrest in July 2005 and dumped in the Fraser River
  • His mistress Siu Yin Ma, 55, found stuffed in a hockey bag in a slough near the Massey tunnel in November 2004

With his unprecendented pay raises and lies about the HST and the sale of B.C. Rail, Gordon Campbell and his Liberal party idiots are systematically destroying the province of British Columbia.

His insistence on implementing the hated tax grab they call the HST is beyond belief and the various stories and lies he cooks up to defend his party’s decision has ensured this lifetime Liberal supporter will never vote for his party again.

Some may question the inclusion of Mr. Campbell amongst Charles Kimbo, Katherine Quinn, Carol Berner and Jamie Bacon but the pain and suffering inflicted on the residents of this province by the HST and his other poor decisions are comparable to the suffering inflicted by this group of micreants. The sooner other LIberal MLA’s grow some balls (as did Blair Lekstrom) and abandon caucus the sooner we can rid ourselves of this idiot and his cronies. His hubris, blatant disregard for the wishes of B.C. voters and his lies and self-serving decisions are proof of his inability to lead the Liberal party and British Columbia.

Which leads us to think that, in comparison, perhaps Bill Vander Zalm’s Socred idiots or Glen Clark’s NDP morons weren’t such crooks after all.


  1. Spell Check   •  

    I note that you are (or were) a life time liberal supporter. Your life time or the life time of the BC Liberal party? Going back to Gordon Wilson?
    I am always surprised when I hear people say they have come to realize who Gordon Campbell is and what the BC Liberal party is about. Campbell has been in the public eye for decades. He’s the same guy he has always been. I don’t think Campbell or the Liberals since Wilson have concealed their agenda and ideaology. Perhaps if voters paid a little more attention and educated themselves a little better then voted accordingly, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. Even the drunk driving stunt and and the BC Rail lies didn’t seem to faze the Liberal supporters. Now they act like they have been betrayed. Ridiculous.

  2. Hobb Knob   •  

    After several decades, now that we have figured out who Gordon Campbell is, we might want to look into who his successors might be. For example, Carol Taylor. Her main accomplishment as finance minister was to elliminate the bank tax. Gordon Campbell has followed this with the imposition of the HST. We need to remember that these measures are part of the agenda and raison d’etre of the Liberal party led by a group of people of which Gordon Campbell is a member, as well as Carole Taylor and many others. Their agenda is to shift wealth from the people to big business.

  3. JJ   •  

    Hobb Knob-

    I think that you meant to say shift the wealth from big business to the people. if you want to be really depressed, you have to follow the legal challenge to the anti-HST petition. The government claims that they aren’t going to challenge the legality(claim that the wording is too vague for it to serve as legislation) of the petition, but, a number of big businesses are. And who is representing the big businesses? Well, none other than Peter Gall. And who is Peter Gall? A partner -with Geoff Plant- at Heenan, Blaikie Gall is as much of a liberal insider as you can get without, in fact, being a liberal cabinet minister. Why would Gall-a labour and human rights lawyer-do THIS kind of case? Isn’t it out of his area of expertise? Because even the liberals thought that it would be too obvious if Geoff Plant represented the supposed “non governmental” legal challenge to the petition…

  4. JJ   •  

    I made an error in the first line of that previous post. I meant to say, “debt” rather than “wealth”. I suspect that many Vancouverites aren’t feeling very wealthy these days.

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