Editorial Changes

It appears that the editorial page of The Province is no longer sporting the cartoons of either Bob Krieger or Dan Murphy. I won’t miss Krieger’s lame attempts at humour but most of Murphy’s cartoons and writings made me laugh out loud.

It’s unfortunate that The Province Editors have decided that both must go but I suppose it’s a sign of the times as newspapers continue to position themselves with the online news world. Most of Kreiger’s simplistic cartoons were biased and pathetic attempts at social and political satire which, in my opinion, rarely worked. I did, however look forward to and read Dan Murphy’s cartoons and outrageous musings with plenty of guffaws and head nodding. His material was usually spot-on and lambasted politicians, do-gooders and local celebrity wannabe’s without being overtly mean or cutting. I’ve never met the man but he would be high on my list of people with whom I’d like to have a coffee and chat.

Murphy is a gifted satirist and I’ll miss his viewpoint if he is indeed no longer contributing to The Province. There were a number of reports at the end of 2007 regarding the future of both cartoonists but they continued to appear in the newspaper until a short time ago. Krieger is rumoured to be working in The Province sports department but I’ve heard nothing about Murphy’s whereabouts. I’m not sure if this is a permanent decision but I’m hoping that Murphy appears online or otherwise. Krieger I can do without.

UPDATE: Murphy’s cartoon appeared on the editorial page of the April 28 edition of The Province. I’m glad to see he’s still cranking out the funny stuff and hope the paper’s editor realize what a positive contribution he makes to the publication.

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