Could I be wrong?

Have a look at the six comments submitted to this blog regarding my previous post about Dr. Hakam Singh Bhullar of Atlas Animal Hospital in East Vancouver. I’m not sure about the first comment from Guest (is it sarcasm or praise?) but the other five all support Dr. Bhullar and refer to his excellent care and comparatively low service fees. All the comments are well written, clear and concise especially the comment by Penny which could be published as a short story (nice work Penny!). This tells me that I may have been wrong about the doctor and need to do something to make amends, or at least get his side of the story.

You may remember that Dr. Bhullar had his license pulled in early December by The B.C. Veterinary Association (BCVA) due to a number of charges (you can read the details in my previous post). I originally read about the case in The Province newspaper, watched a news piece on Global TV news and did my due diligence by reading a number of news web sites and blog posts. My conclusion was that the good doctor was blaming the BCVA for his troubles, charging them with racism to cover his own butt and was responsible for his problems by providing sub-standard care. But that may not be correct according to the comments submitted to this blog and a number of emails I’ve received from readers regarding my post.

I try to be fair and objective by collecting the facts and understanding the issue before posting something on this blog but in this case I may not have looked in the right places or heard from the right people. I’m a dog lover and appreciate the care and attention our vet gives to my best buddy Benjamin and would hate to hang a good man out to dry, especially if he’s a good vet doing good work for a reasonable fee. So what do I do? Well, what else other than send Dr. Bhullar an email and ask him to sit down for a chat which I’ll record and post on the podcast page of and within a post on this blog. Here’s the email I just sent to the Atlas Animal Hospital moments ago:

Would Dr. Bhullar (and any or all of the other doctors involved) be interested in sitting down for a short interview regarding the recent allegations by The B.C. Veterinary Association?
I posted a note about the issue on my blog in early December and have received a number of very positive comments about the doctor, his care and the Atlas Animal Hospital in general. I would like to post the interview as a podcast on my web site and also include it on my blog which will give Dr. Bhullar a chance to address the charges and get his side of the story on record. The interview will be posted as-is and will not be edited or modified in any way therefore please be assured that Dr. Bhullar’s comments will be posted in their entirety.

The interview will be posted on

I look forward to your response via email to:

I’m hoping Dr. Bhullar will give me a few minutes of his time and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I’ll do what it takes to make amends so a podcast interview should do the trick and help the doctor(s) get the truth out there. And if I can help an honest man and a good doctor in the process, so much the better. This should take care of some of the media and blog sites that have posted comments based on misinformation. Like mine perhaps? Stay tuned.

UPDATE – May 7/10: I didn’t hear back from Dr. Bhullar even after a few emails and phone calls. This leaves me with the impression that’s he’s either too busy to chat with me for 10 minutes, indifferent, disinterested or guilty as charged. I guess I’ll never know but my original blog post and comments remain and I may or may not go to hell.

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