The Israeli Method

Air travel security is reaching a level of absurdity and everyone is paying the price except terrorists and upper-tier politicians. We’re being subjected to probes, scans, pat-downs, interrogation and intimidation just because we have chosen to travel by air. Every new terrorist incident results in more and more ridiculous rules and procedures at our airports but the sad fact is that it’s grossly inefficient and target the innocent passenger rather than the dedicated Jihadist pin-head that make air travel scary and unpredictable.

Our governments hire an army of sub-literate, socially inept security personnel who root through our personal belongings, scan our bodies and send us to interrogation rooms if we act remotely suspicious or have the audacity to complain. It’s time something was done but who can do it and what will they do. Well the answer is much simpler than we think due to an airline that’s one of the biggest terrorist targets but has an efficient security system and an unblemished record of absolutely no successful terrorist attacks.

El Al is Israel’s national airline, operating its international passenger and cargo flights from Ben Gurion International Airport to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. If anyone knows anything about terrorism it’s these guys and their rules and procedures have ensured that terrorists are stopped before they get on a plane. This works much better than passengers and crew having to deal with the problem such as the recent case of Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian nut-bar underwear bomber who attempted to blow up his johnson, the plane and all the occupants of an American passenger jet. This was obviously some nice work by the passengers but who wants to wrestle a lunatic with smoking underwear while enjoying a stale sandwich and a bad movie? Not me.

So how does El Al keep the lunatics off their planes? Isaac Yeffet was the former head of security for El Al and thinks the American and Canadian security systems are reactive rather than proactive. Makes sense. We implement new rules and protocols based on each new threat such as the extremely silly shoe removal rule. Do they really think the terrorists will try the same thing again and again? They nuts but they’re not stupid.

Mr. Yeffet was recently inteviewed on The John and Ken Show on KFI 640 in Los Angeles, and made a number of suggestions for increasing the security at our airports while reducing the hassle and inconvenience. It all makes sense, especially his comment about hiring security personnel with minimum college-level education rather than the usual lack-luster, pistol-packin’ wannabe lump heads that make our airport experience less than memorable. Get rid of these idiots and replace them with thinking, intelligent and motivated security personnel that consider the protection of airline passengers a priority over coffee breaks and intimidating all who cross their paths.

Take a few minutes out of your busy day and listen to Mr. Yeffet discuss his ideas and solutions for the North American nightmare we call air travel by clicking the play button below. His comments, observations and suggestions are something all those responsible for Canadian and American airport security should heed.

Click to hear Isaac Yeffet discuss airline security

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