Beyond Disturbing

Why would a young couple, after caring for a 32 year-old horse in declining health, euthanize the animal, gut it and climb inside the carcass? No, I’m serious. Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Frost of Oregon cared for the horse but decided to end its life with a single shot from a large calibre rifle which they maintain was performed humanely and only because the animal was suffering. But gutting the animal, climbing inside its carcass to pose for photos and then butchering and eating it is beyond bizarre to say the least.

After posting the photos online (yeah…they really did!) they suffered relentless backlash from animal lovers worldwide including the standard threats of death and eternal damnation. When questioned by Washington State police, Lottin maintained she wanted to feel ‘at one’ with the animal, and secondly – and more bizarrely – she claims to have been inspired by a scene from Star Wars. The aspiring model, nudist and lunatic referred to the character Han Solo cutting open an animal with his light saber and placing Luke Skywalker inside the animal. Remind me not to visit Oregon.

Here’s the photos of Jasha and her unbalanced boyfriend posing with (and in) the dead animal. Prepare to be disgusted.

Jasha Lottin

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  1. Stev   •  

    that’s fucked up. Where is that rifle?

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