Save Ema

EmaOur neighbour recently lost his sister and was left with Ema, a cute Jack Russell Terrier. Due to lifestyle contraints our neighbour can’t keep Ema and has tried to find a good home with no luck. Ema is elderly and a bit deaf but still full of life and deserves a chance to make someone else happy. She will be euthanized today, July 29 at 3:30pm unless someone comes forward and offers their home to her so she can live her full life and come to an end naturally. My wife and I would take her but our dog wouldn’t be terribly cooperative and we think Ema deserves to live out her life rather than dying because no one will take care of her. If you or someone you know could take Ema please email me directly at the following address: info at aprilroad dot com (replace the obvious words with the correct email syntax) or use the contact page on

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