A Salty Situation

Salty Denny'sDenny’s Restaurants is being sued by a New Jersey resident and a nonprofit consumer group claiming that many of the chain’s meals contain more than a day’s worth of sodium. One of the main meals in questions is the ‘Meat Lover’s Scramble’ which contains cheese, eggs, bacon, diced ham and sausage, and comes with more meat on the side as well as hash browns and pancakes. I may not be a builder of rockets or a surgeon of brains but my guess would be that this meal probably contains a lot of salt. In fact, it does. It contains 5,690 milligrams of sodium — the equivalent of nearly three days’ advised maximum salt intake. Wouldn’t the average consumer know that a meal that contains as much processed meat, cheese and hash browns is loaded with sodium? It’s probably an excellent alternative to a salt lick for most cows. But personal responsibility for most things concerning health or safety are usually not for the average consumer to worry about. We’re free to sue any company that offers us anything that may not be healthy or may contain products in larger quantities recommended by the watchful eye of our government.
Do we really need a whining consumer and an equally annoying consumer group continually suing every company on the face of the earth because they dare to offer products that may be harmful in large quantities or on an ongoing basis? Probably not but it gives these schmucks something to do.

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