Notes on the news

NewsA few thoughts on today’s news pulled straight out of The Province:

– The front page of today’s Province newspaper proclaims “Female Killer Imprisoned In Man’s Body – Katherine Johnson wants her johnson gone – because that’s the only way she’ll be allowed to transfer to a woman’s prison”. Yes, they actually refered to his johnson on the front page of a major metropolitan newspaper. An interesting headline to say the least. The story details the ‘plight’ of Katherine Johnson, a 61 year old wanker who murdered his roommate with a baseball bat and languishes in the Matsqui Prison in Abbotsford. He wants to complete his sex-change operation and have it paid for by Corrections Canada which is perfectly within his rights. Right? Well, good luck with that chump. I can’t get anyone to pay for my PSA test but this clown wants a free sex-change operation? Yeah, it all makes sense when you put it in perspective.

– A woman that adopted a deer fights for the right to keep it as a pet and officials say the rescued fawn that loves Elvis can’t remain a household pet. A crazy woman found the deer on the side of the road by her mother that had been killed by a car and took it home. A nice gesture of course but Bimbo the deer (named after a Gene Autry song) lives in the house with her boyfriend, two dogs, a cat and an outdoor goat. It poops on newspaper spread on the floor and eats bananas, apples, potatoes and porridge as well as some treats. And we thought all the truly weird stories originated from China.

– Our weasly Premier Campbell hands out ‘gold’ medals to construction workers for their hard work and presents them at a tax payer paid barbecue. The cost of the medals is being kept secret and the event wasn’t announced to the public because it was a private barbecue. Does this guy really think that he can spend our money on such completely stupid events and not bother to tell us about it? My Liberal headache is coming back again.

– Sikhs flock to see ‘miracle’ holy book. Yes, this is the same book that was saved from the Khalsa Elementary School fire and local Shkhs are flocking to see the ‘Siri Guru Granth Salib’ holy book. What would have happened if they had only saved a toaster from the burning building. Would it have become the holy bread crisper? Organized religion never fails to amaze and mystify me with it’s voodoo and blind faith. But at least my Mary Magdalene potato chip is doing well on eBay.

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