Fun with wasps

WaspA word of warning. If you’re walking your dog and he comes across a small, buzzing lump about the size of a muffin sitting amongst the brush along your favourite path, you may want to avoid it. My dog Benjamin stumbled across the small, almost invisible nest during our morning walk. It was sitting on the ground and could easily be stepped on if a person or dog wandered slightly off the path. The wasps were very a bit annoyed. Actually they were very annoyed and gave both of us a few stings before we bolted down the path to safety with one wasp hanging on to Benjamin’s rear section until I swiped it off. Have a look at the photos I took by clicking on the gallery thumbnail below (click the images again to close) and keep an eye out as these little buggers were extremely aggressive. Benjamin hardly brushed up against the nest which sent them into a stinging frenzy. You’ll notice that most of the pictures appear a bit blurry which is what happens when you try to photograph a live, very active nest at about 2 feet away. I’ve never seen a nest like this and if anyone knows anything more about it feel free to comment. I stuck a sign up to warn others before someone else upsets the little buggers. Am I a nice neighbour or what?

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