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A Nice Parking JobSome brainiac attempted to park a truck on the street at Suter Brook yesterday afternoon, leaving the rear end blocking the lane for 20 minutes and then had the balls to argue with The Port Moody Police after they issued her a ticket. The rear of the truck jutted into the lane forcing all traffic to navigate around this idiot’s vehicle until she blessed Port Moody residents with her return. After blathering about her rights, amusing on-lookers, blocking the roadway for additional time and wasting our police resources she finally left. I can’t believe anyone would actually argue the point after getting a ticket for such an obvious infraction and I’m amazed the cops actually let her prattle on for so long. It reminds me of the goof that was busted driving in the HOV lane a few days ago with a mannequin upper body in the passenger seat although I’m guessing he just took the ticket, left the mannequin and departed gracefully. I suggest giving the parking moron a ticket and having her car towed if she didn’t move it within 30 seconds. A quick shot with the taser would have been a nice touch too.
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  1. Heinrich Von Nokenshloker   •  

    That kind of parking is fairly typical in Suter Brook. Most common is backward parking or parking on the wrong side of the street. More than once I have seen a spot, gone to the end of the street, turned around to park properly only to find the spot occupied by the guy who was behind me and simply parked on the wrong side of the road, with his vehicle facing the wrong way. I have also had other conflicts where I have approached a spot and started to parallel park on the right side of the street only to have someone try to muscle in by driving over to the wrong side of the street. I have also seen people stopped or parked in a no parking zone on a corner, forcing vehicles to wait and pass one at a time. Only once have I seen the police ticketing all this crazy parking in Suter Brook. I wonder if the rules are different in there because it is a private development? Maybe it is more like a mall. Most people seem to think that the normal rules of the road don’t apply there. It’s quite hazardous.

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