Port Moody cleans up the garbage business

I’m an avid recycler and do my part for the planet. In fact I did my part before it was fashionable to do my part so I have no problems sorting, bagging and boxing my stuff for pickup. After suffering with the lack lustre performance of our contracted garbage and recycling pickup service the city is getting back into the business of refuse. That’s great because I was tired of watching the garbage and recycling blow around the neighbourhood because the pickup day had come and gone. We would leave our garbage cans and recycling box and bags curbside in case they were picked up the next day or the day after or the day after that. It was maddening and I’m happy they’ve been fired.
The city has instituted a new system which will make it easier for those of us with a conscience to do our part. All the cans, bottles, newspapers and cardboard will now go into a single container and be electronically sorted by the processors. Horray! I won’t miss my late night or (very) early morning ritual of collecting our two recycling boxes and sorting all the contents in our carport. Neither will my neighbour.
Port Moody has done us proud once again by creating a new system that actually addresses the inconvenience of recycling. Yes, I said it’s inconvenient because it is but something that needs to be done. Kudos to Port Moody for making it less so. I’m just hoping the new containers fit under my steps.

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