Once upon a time

Once upon a time, before the draconian smoking bylaws were enacted in British Columbia I was able to wander down to City Cigar, open my private humidor, select a fine Cuban cigar then sit and enjoy it while reading the paper or chatting with the other customers of that fine establishment. A nice, relaxing experience until the smoking by-laws in Vancouver forced City Cigar to close it’s smoking lounge. Smoking A StogieI know that smoking is bad for you but I smoke about 1 cigar every month or two. I’m not addicted nor do I need to smoke and am certainly aware that others don’t enjoy the smell. I’m just one of many that enjoy the occasional stogie while protected from our unusually harsh winter climate. Too much to ask? Yup!
Why can’t grown, consenting, tax-paying adults be allowed to smoke a cigar in a ventilated, comfortable room with other grown, consenting tax-paying adults? Perhaps it’s time to open my own cigar speakeasy here in Port Moody.

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