Living in fear

The front page of today’s Province reads ‘Port Moody – LIVING IN FEAR’. Nice headline guys.
The story refers to the apartment building at 651 Nootka Way which houses one of our newest residents, Jonathan Bacon. It tells the tale of the building residents that fear for their lives due to the presence of this targeted individual. My thought is they are living in one of the most secure and protected buildings in our city and probably have less to fear than I do in my detached home. Granted, I’d be uneasy if he lived next door to me but to sell my home in a building that is undergoing 24 hour security by our boys in blue seems a bit of an overreaction. Criminals may not be the most intelligent beings on this planet but even they can deduce that having a shootout in plain view of city police officers wouldn’t be the most prudent plan. Why is Mr. Bacon living in Port Moody? Because of the quality of our police force and his free security detail which is being extended to the residents of his apartment block. If you’re looking for a secure building in Port Moody, I suggest 651 Nootka Way.

See The Province article online HERE.

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