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Lost Keys FoundYou know you’re in a small town when a resident accidently drops her keys in a roadside drain and it attracts a larger crowd than a shuttle launch. Everyone was friendly, everyone tried to help, no cars were stolen and I didn’t hear a single gun shot. There’s a real difference between Port Moody and Whalley and this one proves it.

My wife and I were on our way into Thrifty Foods in Suter Brook when I noticed a small group collected around a roadside drain and a woman and man on their knees fishing around with a plumbers snake. I stopped to find out what was up and discovered that the poor woman had dropped her car/home/work keys into the water drain and the gentleman with the plumbers snake was offering assistance. It’s nice to see the number of residents that stopped to help and offer support for her as she tried to find her keys in the 3-4 foot deep drain full of dirty water, garbage and thick mud. A group of women in the midst of a stagette took pictures, employees of Thrifty Foods offered clean towels and others just offered support. After calling her husband he arrived with a couple of garden tools which were used to scoop up mud and garbage from the drain which an employee of Thrifty Foods searched for the missing keys. The husband finally snagged the lost keys on the end of a garden tool and all was well (except for her car remote of course).
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  1. Shari Ann Herrmann   •  

    Fun article! Thanks to everyone who showed compassion and support for me during one of life’s embarrassing little moments. You all made me feel better about lying face down in the gutter, up to my elbows in sewer water!!
    Special thanks to my “first responder” (the soon-to-be-retired Telus employee who saw what happened and came over right away to help me, and stayed through the whole incident), the generous man with the magnets, the bride-to-be who spent part of her stagette with her friends cheering me on and that wonderful kind Thrifty’s employee who brought out towels and tape and even met me inside the store after to show me where I could go get cleaned up.
    I was really impressed by the support of so many kind-hearted strangers, and of course I really appreciate the way my husband came right away when I called and never once lost his temper or made me feel ridiculous, even though he must have been reeeeally tempted!

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