A (not so good) good neighbour

My neighbour’s dog attacked my dog while we were walking though the neighbourhood a few weeks ago. I took my dog home, checked his injuries and went back to discuss the event.

She was extremely apologetic and maintained that she usually leashes her dog when he’s in the un-fenced front yard however I’ve heard from other neighbours that this same dog has attached other pets in the past and she has delivered the same excuses. My neighbour, on a fixed income and going through some very tough personal and financial times, offered to pay the vet bill even though she was obviously in no position to do so.

We didn’t accept her offer of course but perhaps if she had actually been responsible enough to ensure her dog couldn’t get out of her home this wouldn’t have happened. She and her nephew were recently lost their home due to foreclosure and I can’t really say I miss them or their dog.

Life has a way of working some things out, doesn’t it?

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