Movember Moustache Madness

The Moustache DevelopsJon Strocel is a man with a mission. He’s growing a moustache. You’re probably thinking that the common moustache isn’t particularly fashion forward these days and why would Jon want to grow a moustache and why would I bother to blog about it. Good questions brainiac.

Jon is growing his marginal moustache in support of the Movember moustache movement for Prostate Cancer Canada, a worthy charity and the same folks that paid for a very expensive hormone shot during my recent treatment for prostate cancer.

Here’s a message to all the people that read my blog: Please support Jon and in so doing, support Prostate Cancer research and treatment. Chances are good that you, a loved one, a friend or family member may require their help in the future and wouldn’t it be good to know that you contributed? Click HERE to visit Jon’s contribution page, check his moustache status and send ’em a buck or two to support Prostate Cancer Canada. It’s fast and easy…they even accept PayPal. You can add a note of support to his contribution page too. How fun is that? And how fun is it to NOT get prostate cancer? Believe me…it’s fun.


  1. Leslie Davison   •  

    hello Adam
    i wanted to send you a message of get well soon!
    i certainly did not know the ramifications from prostate cancer and what you have been going through. i am so sorry that this evil entity has made its way at your doorstop

    i will keep my prayers for you, aswell as alan. we know that you will win this battle and grow to be a special survivor that will help others deal with this.

    God Bless you Adam
    and thank goodness you have Sharon and Benjamin to be by your side

    your article was filled with your personality, humour and educating for all.

  2. Samera Gibson   •  


    My thoughts and strength are with you! You will beat this.

    …support is really good, no one ever said it was easy, staying in touch is everything… much love and energy your way!!


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