Hacker Scumbags

lynch_hackersI think it’s time we legalized lynching as punishment for hackers that deface, destroy or hijack websites. I speak from experience because this blog has been attacked numerous times over the past year and cost me hours of time spent picking malicious code from the hundreds of files that make up this blog.

So why do these scumbags do it? There’s a variety of answers to that question but most are attempting to inject iframes or other bad code into pages allowing them to reroute traffic or deliver malware to unsuspecting site visitors. And then there’s the little bastards that sit in their basements and troll the net looking for vulnerabilites to exploit.

But, whomever these miscreants may be, they should all be dragged from their homes, strung up left to die in the street. A bit harsh? Perhaps, but YOU spend your weekend repairing the damage these bastards do and then tell me how they’re just misunderstood computer nerds that don’t really mean to hurt anyone. Bullshit. They’re lowlife little pricks that need to be taught a very harsh lesson, be it prison or a quality physical assault, which I officially volunteer to deliver.

Every time my site is compromised I’d like to reach through my computer, grab the person(s) responsible by the neck and squeeze until their squinty, bespectled eyes pop clean out of their round, pimply heads. Then lynch them.

Aaaah. That feels much better. Now back to repairing my blog.

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