360 degrees of rioting

The recent riot spectacle in downtown Vancouver was the most watched event in our city’s history. Well, other than the Olympics of course. More people were snapping photographs and video on smartphones and digital video recorders than I can remember at any public event and it’s served us well by identifying the goons responsible. A number of websites sprung up the very next day to out some of the idiots and douchebags responsible using the images submitted by outraged citizens.

Well played Vancouver.

But one of the most amazing and fascinating use of video technology employed during the riot was by northstudio360.com which presented a birds-eye view of the proceedings in all its 360 degrees of glorious anarchy using something called Pixelcase 3Motion Platform.

This video is a small sample of this amazing technology allowing you to click and hold your mouse cursor on the video and move up, down, left and right to direct the camera mounted under the helicopter. Try it full screen by clicking the little box icon for the full effect but visit the northstudio360.com website to view the Vancouver riot footage. It’s amazing stuff and lets you follow your friends and neighbours while they trash our city. Cool, huh?

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