Mexican Murder

I’ve been to Mexico about 10 times, vacationing on the Mayan Riviera, the western mainland (Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan) and the California Baja (San Jose, Cabo San Lucas and La Paz).

Most of my trips have been great fun, aside from a few nasty digestive bugs and numerous hangovers, but things seem to be changing in Canada’s most popular vacation destination. The drug wars are eating the country from the inside out and making life for residents and visitors an unholy hell.

Acapulco, once called the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, has seen U.S. and Canadian tourism fall by 50 percent in the past year mostly due to grisly murders in and around the city. The drug cartels have taken their war to the streets and seem fond of displaying their carnage for all to see. It’s destroying a country that’s been on the brink of economic collapse for decades, riddled with corruption and unable to care for their own people. Now it’s destroying one of Mexico’s main source of income; the tourist trade.

Take a moment before you view the image gallery below as the pictures are graphic and highly disturbing. They show the bodies of a number of victims, butchered and laid out for all to see but mainly to instill fear. The images are disgusting but I felt it’s something that should be seen as the Mexican government is notorious for cover-ups and deception when it comes to protecting their tourist industry.

Acapulco Murders

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