Icky Pop

I was never an Iggy Pop fan. During his Stooges stint from 1968 to 1975 he was a non-event in my musical world. Even his collaborations with David Bowie (during their drug addictions and subsequent attempts to quit) left me wondering what The Thin White Duke was thinking. What the hell did anyone see in Iggy Pop?

That question was once again front and centre during Mr. Pop’s recent appearance on American Idol. Yup…that’s right. The 62 year-old punk rocker performed on a recent show and left us all thinking that the American Idol producers had lost their collective minds.

Here’s a shirtless, creepy looking flashback to the 70’s flinging himself around the stage while attempting to sing ‘I’m A Wild One’ while showing us all how cruel age can be to the human body. This guy looked like an old lunch bag with a bad haircut. It wasn’t bad enough that he writhed and posed while screeching out an amateur performance but his gyrations and dancing with the young contestants would have resulted in charges if he wasn’t Iggy Pop and this wasn’t a popular TV Show.

I’m mystified why some of these 70’s acts were successful in their time and how some of them continue to annoy the shit out of me. Bob Dylan is another performer that I never liked and, after seeing him in concert (not my choice but the tickets were free and he was touring with Paul Simon) it confirmed that he’s a mumbling, talentless old fart that should have taken the money and retired years ago. His band carried him through his terrible performance, covering up his bad guitar playing (I don’t think his guitar was even amplified as he was playing the wrong chords most of the time and kept losing his place) and I was more than happy when Paul Simon took the stage and the horrible noises stopped.

So for guys like Iggy Pop I can only beg them to stop performing and give the up-and-comers a chance rather than keep cranking out the crap and making me wish I was blind and deaf.

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