A KGB Christmas

So Vancouver’s own ex-KGB agent Mikhail Lennikov has found himself on the front page of today’s Province newspaper. Nice work Mikey. Perhaps our hapless bureaucrats will finally give in and let you stay even though you were once a member of The Soviet Union’s Commitee for State Security, the same fun-loving guys that were responsible for the torture and deaths of countless perceived Soviet ‘dissidents’. Yeah, that’s the guy I want living next door or working in my office.

I mentioned the story of Mikhail Lennikov back in June and it looks like his people are ramping up the coverage just in time for Christmas. The people that make decisions about people like Mr. Lennikov are more likely to decide in his favour if it’s Christmas, right? Unfortunately, that may actually be the case.

When we last left Mr. Lennikov he had requested and received sanctuary in the First Lutheran Church in Vancouver to avoid deportation back to Russia, perceived by him to hold a grudge against those that left the secret police to live elsewhere. I call bullshit. I think Mr. Lennikov is just another in the long line of persons taking advantage of our lax immigration policies and wimpy bureaucrats that seem to keep the riff-raff and toss the honest and hardworking. Our immigration slogan should be ‘Be a criminal, live in Canada!’.

Seeing soft and fuzzy images of Mr. Lennikov sitting in a church pew or playing the piano just tend to anger me and wish our government had the balls to punt these characters out of our country. How long did it take to finally get rid of Laibar Singh or any of the other undesirables that have graced our shores over the years? We’re far too lax when it comes to putting our foot down and keeping this country free of those that murder, push drugs, steal, kidnap, rape and serve in the KGB. To Vancouver Kingsway New Democratic Party MP Don Davies and Vancouver South MP Ujjal Dosanjh I suggest you consider some of the points from Mr. Lennikov’s immigration and refugee hearing (see my previous post) before throwing your support behind his cause. I suspect some of our politicians use these cases for grandstanding and media exposure rather than doing the right thing and supporting our laws. We, the citizens of this country, bear the consequences of their actions.

So, for those that are coming to our country with a reasonable education, a basic grasp of our language and without a criminal background we open our arms and welcome you to Canada. To the others I suggest we close the door and lock it behind us.

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