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Some time ago I wrote a piece on a humorous website and it’s Australian author, David Thorne. It was a glowing report of what I thought were hilarious email exchanges between Mr. Thorne and his victims. They were hilarious. Well, until he stole my money.

Only July 23, 2010 I decided to purchase his book, The Internet is a Playground, and ordered it directly from his website. I was expecting a 1 or 2 week wait. Over a month later I dropped him a note inquiring on the status of my book order. No answer. After many, many emails, each becoming a bit more pleading than the last I abandoned any civility and sent the following note on September 20, 2010:

After numerous attempts asking you NICELY to refund my money or send me your book I have bought and paid for, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re just a thief. You have taken my money and given me nothing in return which, in my book, is the very definition of low-life, thieving piece of shit.
Expect me to pursue this until you make amends and also make notes on my blog (on which I had posted a glowing report of your web site) regarding your lack of regard for customers and reluctance to do what’s right and run an honest business.

You are one of the reasons people are wary of spending money on the internet. You’re just another thieving douche-bag in a long line of thieving douche-bags on the Internet. Get a fucking clue asshole.

To which he replied:

Well that’s a little rough. I am sorry that you have apparently not received a book you ordered. I am in the US at the moment so my email is intermittent but if you email kimberly@27bslash6.com with your order number she will follow it up for you.
Regards, David.

And so began the weekly emails to David Thorne and his trusty assistant ‘Kimberly’. On October 4, 2010 I received the following:

Hello Adam, Thank you for your email.
David is currently in the US but hopefully I can help. A few months ago, due to problems with our distributor, we changed the system.
During this process, 116 orders were not processed. I am assuming you were probably one of them as your name doesn’t show up as a finalised or pending order.
If you ordered through Paypal and allowed the refund request time to expire, I can file a request for a refund or have a new copy sent out.
Do you have an order or tracking number I can check?
Regards, Kim.

To which I replied:

I sent the following information repeatedly to Mr. Thorne and on September 20 to kimberly@27bslash6.com (as instructed) and received no reply.
Refund my money to my PayPal account as I no longer wish to purchase Mr. Thorne’s book after this fiasco. I’m disgusted that it has taken over a month for someone to FINALLY respond to my original emails requesting information about the ‘lost’ order. I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods and services over the Internet and can tell you that my experience with 27slash6.com is not the way to do business.

To which she replied:

Hello Adam
I apologize for the delay and understand your frustration.
As your order exceeds the time you were given to request a refund, I have to file a request.
Regards, Kim.

After waiting another six days the ever so efficient Kimberly sent the following:

As you waived the time frame to request a refund, we do not have to provide you with one at all.
As I stated, I have to file a request and have done so.
This can take a few days to a few weeks.

In other words, because we jacked you around for so long, ignored your emails and didn’t bother to send you the book or refund your money we can ignore your requests. It’s 6 months later and I’ve yet to receive a book or the $26.69 refund. David Thorne isn’t funny at all. He’s just another thieving asshole on the Internet.

UPDATE: It appears I’m not the only one that’s had problems with David Thorne. In fact, there’s quite a number of website references (lots and lots of them!) pages dedicated to this thieving prick. One of the best examples is the facebook page David Thorne 27b/6 Book Delivery Trauma Support Group. I’m amazed this douche has got away with his blatant thefts for so long.


  1. Sam UK   •  

    Yep sounds eerily familiar…the guy is an absolute tool

  2. Ad   •  

    David Thorne is a dog. Buyer beware.

  3. Grubby   •  

    His stuff is also fake. Check the article about his drity apartment on his site, and compare it to the one on Geekologie. There is a correction made to the original inspection report, proving it is fake.

  4. Linda   •  

    Thanks for the warning. Was thinking of buying the book, won’t be happening now

  5. riles per hour   •  

    get a life and stop bitching about a fucking book and refunding issues, clearly you all need to get a sense of humour and quit crying, just like any other purchase you may make online, shit happens and orders are messed up as it was clearly stated on the email replies. The book is amazing and because of people like you, the rest of the fucking sheep wont buy it because they are too busy licking eachother ringpieces and listening to your little cry about a refund.

    • R&O   •     Author

      Riles Per Hour: Thanks for confirming my post is doing as intended. And do have a nice day.

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