Billy Boob

Billy Bob The BoobIt’s official, and as everyone probably realized some time ago, Billy Bob Thornton is a complete boob. I’ve always thought he’s nothing more than a second or third rate actor that was exceedingly lucky to have landed one decent role and has milked it ever since. For a good example take his recent appearance on the CBC Radio program Q hosted by the exceedingly patient Jian Ghomeshi in which the hapless boob pouts because Mr. Ghomeshi mentioned his movie career. Yup, that’s what put him off. He had requested that no one, including the host or anyone within 300 miles of the radio station mention the fact that he, the exceedingly talentless Billy Bob, has tortured the paying public with a series of forgettable movie roles playing hapless or semi-retarded losers (blatant typecasting in my opinion). He even manages to slag Canadians by referring to them as “mashed potatoes without the gravy” which seems to have backfired as the entire Canadian tour was scrapped shortly after the interview due to some band members contracting a strange case of the flu. Yeah, right. They even try to defend his bizarre behaviour on the band’s web site. Watch the video then read their explanation. It sounds like his bandmates and management are desperately trying to save the golden goose before he does a full Britney.

So, to clarify, he appears on the CBC radio show because we want to hear all about his lame band The Boxmasters and hang on his every word, right? Wrong, Billy B! Nobody cares about your band or, shortly after this interview hit Youtube, you and your waning career, movies or otherwise. When will this Hollywood twat realize that he’s exceedingly lucky to have had some success in his chosen profession and should be flattered when someone mentions his participation in those things that try to pass for ‘movies’. Slingblade only cut it for a season and he’s done nothing since. It’s time to make something other than 3rd rate, straight-to-DVD, bargain bin flops strictly for the paycheque ya boob!
The video below is a lesson straight out of the Joaquin Phoenix social playbook. Watch and cringe.

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