Rocket Man

I’m not sure how long this video will last on YouTube so have a look while you can. The CBC reported that this clown drove his motorbike at speeds reaching close to 300 km/h through midday Victoria area highway traffic, weaving around and BETWEEN cars, then posting his/her exploits online for all to view. Everyone. Including the police.

Speed doesn’t matter when you’re being tracked on the internet via your IP address so he/whe will eventually be caught and punished. But what can you do with someone that’s obviously insane? His/her behaviour is obviously that of lunatic. Really! Like, who would post the video online?


Saanich police have seized the blue Yahama motorcycle seen in a viral YouTube video hitting speeds up to 299 kilometres an hour on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Sgt. Dean Jantzen has called a press conference at Saanich headquarters for Thursday morning and plans to show off the bike.
There is no word on whether the driver has been charged.

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