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Radio Paradise LogoLet’s face it…most radio sucks. From the endless loop of classic rock, the predictable offerings of dance and pop stations to the repetitive blips of news and talk radio, terrestrial stations in the Greater Vancouver area are less than stellar. So what does any thinking adult listen to? Answer: Internet Radio. My music system is completely digital (I no longer own or purchase CD’s and sold my complete collection of 1300+ discs two years ago) and I have the option of listening to radio stations from practically anywhere on the planet. This is good and bad as the list is endless and finding good stations can be challenging. I subscribe to RadioIO which offers a vast selection of genre specific stations to suit most tastes but I was looking for something eclectic. A station that would mix classic rock/pop with alternative, progressive, modern folk and even some new age. Pandora was the answer until they were forced to abandon the Canadian and European markets due to licensing restrictions (when will the idiots that run the record labels figure it out?). I had all but given up until someone referred me to Radio Paradise, a commercial-free Internet radio station owned and operated by Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith in Paradise, California. The station is fully supported by listeners and offers the best combination of music I’ve heard on any radio station…bar none! I’ve discovered more great music on this station in the last few months than I’ve heard in the last few years and it continues to amaze me with it’s diverse mix of classic and modern music from a wide range of genres. Take a few minutes and try Radio Paradise. You won’t be dissapointed. And if you like it please consider supporting their amazing station by donating or purchasing a shirt, mug or water bottle.

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