The dumb B.C. taxpayer

With the recent guilty pleas and sentencing of David Basi and Bobby Virk for their part in the BC Rail corruption trial, it proves one thing that the present Liberal government has known for years and depend upon during every provincial election.

That is that British Columbia tax payers are exceedingly dumb.

Who else would believe that two senior government officials could accept $75,000 in inducements, plead guilty, receive a slap on the wrist and not pay a cent in legal fees. Yup…the taxpayer that foots the bill for this fiasco. This is the same province that is suffering under the weight of other stupid Liberal decisions such as the much-hated HST. Which begs the questions “How much is too much and when do we say enough?”

The list of lies and deceit perpetrated by our provincial government grows daily and the only one we have to turn to is Carole James. Good God, what kind of a frigging alternative is that? Perhaps it’s time to find a more honest government and make the move to North Korea.


  1. horhay gonzolas   •  

    What is wrong with Carole James?

    • R&O   •     Author

      You really have to ask??

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