Thieving Douche

It takes a certain amount of douchiness to rob your employer, especially one that you’ve only known for a three days. Such is the tale of woe from Chris Parry, part-owner of Vancouver’s fabulous Fray Restaurant, when he hired Michael Bothner to replace his departing front-of-house manager.

Michael seemed to be keen, motivated and up to the task. But after only three shifts he stopped showing up for work, coinciding with the theft of the restaurant’s nightly cash drop. Coincidence? Possibly, but it all points to a douche-bag who would sign on to gainful employment then slip a thieving knife into the backs of honest business owners who did nothing more than offer him gainful employment. Whatta douche.

Here’s the details lifted from Fray’s website:

You know you’ve made a bad hire when he’s out the door faster than the person he’s replacing.

Our trusted and wonderful front-of-house manager Jaime is, sadly, moving to Ontario very shortly, so we asked her to be involved in the hunt for her replacement.

She interviewed several candidates, and one stood out: His name was Michael Bothner.

Mike seemed very easygoing, casual, with some bright ideas and a predilection toward straight talk. He appeared to have good experience and was good with the customers. The staff liked him. The kitchen liked him. We liked him.

But today he didn’t show up for work – his third shift ever – despite knowing that we were very shortstaffed. That seemed odd. It seemed unlike him.

Even odder, our back door was kicked in last night, and someone with a very good idea of where the night cash drop was went right to it and cleaned it out.

Michael Bothner isn’t answering his phone at the moment. Weird.

Thankfully, Jaime is still with us and, needless to say, the position of front-of-house manager has been reopened.

As for Mr Bothner, he’s a missing person. If you’ve seen him (we believe he’s been couch-sitting with a friend on Trinity Street), let the police know – they’re looking for him and we’re all ‘very concerned.’

Here’s hoping this dick reaps what he sows.

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  1. Carissa   •  

    Ugh! Def up there with one of my worst fears when I hired people

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