Buying Robin Williams’ House

robin_williamsSince the recent suicide of Robin Williams, reports are surfacing regarding his financial problems due in part by the cost of his previous divorces from Valerie Velardi in 1988 and Marsha Garces in 2008. No one knows if this added to his depression but I’m guessing it probably didn’t help much. Thanks ladies.

In an attempt to stimulate some positive cash flow, other than selling some of his collection of 50 high-end bicycles, Williams listed his Napa Valley estate for sale for a paltry $29,000,000.00. He had yet to receive a solid offer and it has languished waiting for a buyer of substantial means ever since.

Click for larger view of this mortgage nightmare scenario

Click for larger view of this mortgage nightmare scenario

I decided to crunch a few numbers and see if I could juggle my finances and move South but it probably won’t work out. offers a handy dandy mortgage calculator which supplied me with the following numbers:

– Mortgage: 30 year fixed
– Price: $29,000,000.00 (assuming I can’t get his estate to knock off a few grand)
– Down payment of 20%: $5,980,000.00
– Loan Amount: $23,920,000.00
– Interest Rate: 4.196% (hey…not bad!)
– Taxes and Insurance: 1.3% – $32,391.000/month
– Monthly Payment: $149,308.00 (a fair bit more than my present morgtgage)

So, if I can scrape up the down payment and that $150 grand every month (and a bit more for food, gas and other pesky needs) I may be living in the funny man’s old pad.

Assuming one of his wives doesn’t get it first that is.


The home was sold January 22, 2016 after 527 days on the market and fetched a paltry US$18.100.000, far less than the original US$25,900,000.00 asking price. Somebody got a bargain.
Have a look at the property history HERE.

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